Students can customize their Spanish lessons according to level, topical interest and concentrate on grammar and/or conversational skills.  Daily hours and group size can also be tailored.  We specifically cater for beginning students.

We recommend a maximum group size of 3 for a single instructor and a maximum of 4 hours of instruction daily.  However, some students who want  an intensive language experience have had up to 6 hours daily. Please be aware that scheduling must also be compatible with the teachers’ personal schedules as all the teachers are working mothers.

Prices lessons

1 student – 1 instructor –        US$7.00 per hour

2 students – 1 instructor –       US$6.00 per hour per person

3 students – 1 instructor –       US$5.00 per hour per person

Hear from Kate & Brendon who took Spanish lessons and stayed with a host family while throwing themselves into a number of community volunteer projects.

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