Hear from some of our former students as to how their stay in Pucará and their lessons at the Intag Spanish School were!

“I really enjoyed my month in Pucará, and two months on I’m still missing the companionship, soups, juices, coffee … and yes the classes too, even though it feels much longer since I left…Another thing I’m aware of is that the local accent in Pucará (all Ecuador?) is one that I find easier to follow than many others, so Paula was easier to follow than my current Spanish teacher.”

-John Burton, student during August/September 2014



“…I took two years of Spanish twenty years ago in high school and never used any of it again until my trip. I could sort of make myself understood, but was at a loss when it came to understanding any response that consisted of more than one word. My teacher, Anita, was able to quickly figure out that I knew more than a complete novice, but not so much that anyone could consider me an intermediate. She tailored the lessons accordingly…The family I lived with couldn’t have been more accommodating. I had a warm bed, hot shower, and three delicious meals a day with the best homemade aji I could find in the country. The conversations over dinner were an excellent opportunity to practice what I learned in each day’s lessons.”

-Matthew Evans, student during September, 2014



“My husband and I were looking for a Spanish school in a more rural area of Ecuador and were able to connect with Intag Spanish School in Pucara through some friends of ours. We were able to stay together in a home stay, which ended up being one of our favorite parts of our 6-week trip to Ecuador! Our host family was so hospitable, and our dinner conversations in Spanish helped us improve our speaking drastically. Our host brother was eager to show us around the area and took us hiking and fishing. We learned a lot about the area and a lot about Ecuadorian culture through.”

-Cece and Alex Romanyshyn, students during June, 2014



“We decided to each live with a separate host, in order to get more of a fully immersive experience, and both of us enjoyed getting to know our households very much (Tristan was with Dona Cecilia and I was with Dona Maria)…Our teacher, Anita, helped us to make up a lesson plan based on the aspects of Spanish that we wanted to focus on, and now we have our notes from those classes to help us refresh our memories of what we learned.

We had originally been looking into taking Spanish classes at one of the larger, coastal schools and we were very glad that we made this choice instead. It was much more of a cultural experience (we were 2 of only 4 foreigners in town) and I think our Spanish skills and our understanding of Ecuadorian culture were both vastly improved because of it.”

-Avalon Moore, student during May, 2014

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