In addition to being state-certified teachers, all of our instructors are local women who live in or have lived in Pucará.

Carmen Espinoza

Carmen began teaching at the Intag Spanish School when it opened in 2009. She enjoys the shared experience of teaching and learning with her students and says that you should visit us in Intag to be a part of the unique biodiversity of the region.

Paula Pavon

Paula joined the Intag Spanish School as an instructor in 2010. She likes teaching Spanish because it gives her an opportunity to make new friends and learn about other peoples’ cultures. She believes the tranquil and healthy environment of Pucará make learning Spanish easier, especially when practicing with one’s host family.

Anita Perugachi (photo coming)

Anita started teaching at the Intag Spanish School in 2009. Teaching Spanish gives her the opportunity share the culture of Intag to people she would not otherwise have the chance to meet.

Silvia Ventacourt





Silvia joined the Intag Spanish school in 2011 and believes that learning about other people’s cultures and customs, both on her part and on the student’s, is a great way to learn about the world. She thinks people should visit the school if they want to learn Spanish in a quiet, country setting surrounded by forests.

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