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Address:      La Escuela de Español Intag, Centro Cultural

Pucará, Cotocachi, Imbabura, Ecuador

Depending upon school commitments, we check our emails at least weekly and, more often than not, twice weekly.  Thus, please don’t be alarmed if there is a slight delay in responding to your email.  For urgent inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at following the phone numbers below. If you do not get an answer with one number, please try the other.

(+593) 09 868 499 50  or  (+593) 06 3015 638 (English spoken on both lines)


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Rosalind and Paula


How to get to Pucará

Pucará is about 2 hours from Otavalo by bus, depending on road conditions and weather.  Otavalo is about 2 hours north of Quito by bus.

Emily and Keenan with Anita

There are two bus companies that go to Pucará from the main bus terminal in Otavalo (see departure schedules below).  The trip is beautiful as you ascend the western Cordillera of the Andes and cross the continental divide at 4000 meters, before descending almost 2000 meters.  The road is very steep and windy.  If you are prone to car sickness you may want to take motion sickness medication before your departure.  Make sure you ask the bus attendant to “pare en Pucará” (“stop in Pucará”).  We are located in the Centro Cultural Pucará on the left hand side of the church.  It is a good idea to buy your ticket the day before if possible to reserve your seat so you don’t get stuck having to stand (and missing the beautiful views).

Compania Otavalo departs every day at: 7:30 am, 9:00 am on Sundays, 10:00 am, 14:00 pm. (Tickets are $1.70)

Compania 6 de Julio departs every day at: 12:00 pm, 15:00 pm (Tickets are $1.65)

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