Alison playing with Maribel and Dennis from her homestay family

Accommodation is provided through a homestay program that allows students to live and share daily life with local families.  The program provides extra income to community participants.  Although basic, all homes have electricity, running water, and clean bathroom and showers.  Students are provided with their own private bedroom.

A typical homestay home

Homes are modest and usually of cinder blocks, with tin or adobe tile roofs and cement floors.  There may or may not be hot water. Clothes can be washed on a cement washboard called a “piedra.” There almost definitely will not be a washer or dryer. Invariably the shower and toilet are external to the main building.

Home-stay participants receive three meals a day and those with dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Students staying long-term have the opportunity to stay with more than one family, changing weekly, fortnightly, or monthly (depending on length of stay) in order to share the income benefits of the home-stay program and to get to know more members of the community.

Upon arrival in Pucará, students will be greeted by the coordinator who will introduce them to their instructor and home-stay family.

Faces of Pucará

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